How I saved my sanity while working a boring job

Aug 27, 2017

My job is a fairly repetitive and involves a lot of walking around, which has the effect of making me bored out of my skull. For the first few weeks I was muttering to myself, trying to write stories in my head or otherwise distract my brain from the constant left, right, left, right of my feet. I started listening to audiobooks but at the time I had only a handful and getting more was expensive since I only had 1 Audible credit a month. 9 hours a day leaves a lot of time to plough through even the largest of audiobooks in a week at the most. I also listened to Podcasts but all of the ones that I followed I had caught up to and could consume the new episodes in the first half of the day.

This is when I discovered D&D Podcasts.

I was listening to The Morning Stream one day and an Ad came up for a podcast called All Roads Tavern. I can't remember the exact wording but it basically said "Hey! We play D&D! Come listen to us play through our campaign!". I had a passing knowledge of D&D, having wanted to play it but never having anyone to play it with. So I checked them out.

Listening to the first episode where the players created their characters was like hitting a button in my brain. I was immediately into it and as I listened further the story began to unfold and grow larger and there were 52 episodes so far that were over 1 hour long and — well you get the picture. It was like an audiobook with people being goofy and having fun while telling a story.

From there I jumped off into the deep end and started listening to many other RPG games (All Roads Tavern themselves play Pathfinder most of the time, not D&D). Many new worlds opened up for me to settle into mentally while still doing my job physically. I do still listen to my regular podcasts like Hello Internet and The Incomparable but now if I ever get to the end of a feed and have to wait for the next episode to appear, I can just hit the Overcast search page and find something new to immerse myself in.

Current stats from Audible and Overcast:

  • Audible: 114 books with 2 months, 2 days, 19 hours, 18 minutes total logged listening time. Convert that to hours and boy howdy that's a lot o' readin'.
  • Overcast: I estimate over 2000 podcast episodes listened to across all subscriptions with 188 hours saved using SmartSpeed.