On Time Travel

Feb 26, 2017

Let's start by a assuming that time travel is possible, that all the paradoxes and temporal screws that we have theorised for decades actually occur and that the reality we live in is one where a trip to the 1940s is a regular history lesson in schools.

If that kind of world does exist then why are we not experiencing it right now? The simple answer is that we are the one timeline where there is not time travel. In our timeline it simply isn't possible, therefore we don't have people from the future coming to visit and we aren't able to visit the past.

Out of the whole multiverse we could be the only universe where physics settled in just the right place for a non-linear time experience to be impossible. If that is the case then we have been extremely fortunate. As I sit here writing this I can barely comprehend what a society that is able to mingle with their ancestors would be like. It would be impossible to keep track of who was where, at what time, and unless technology has advance far beyond what we have you would almost never be able to get a signal on your portable computer.

This is not really about time travel this is a post I wrote to test my blogging engine.

Ignore it~

Next Phone

Oct 02, 2016

For me my phone is my home away from home. I use it (like most people) to browse the web while I'm out and about, listen to music, write things down when I don't have a pen handy, take photos and all the other stuff that millions of other people do with their phones all the time.

As of late though I've been feeling conflicted by my phone. I currently own a Nexus 5 running Android 5.1.
Here is a list of every phone I have owned since I was 13 (and what broke on them):
- Nokia 6600 (Screen smashed after being stomped on to prove a point)
- Samsung Tocco Lite (Charging port died, screen wouldn't respond to touch)
- Samsung Galaxy Note (Pretty much all of it. Screen, headphone jack, battery...)
- iPhone 4S (Nothing, returned to Aaon in perfect conditon)
- Nexus 5 (Nothing yet...lets see if it survives America 2015)

Now in that list is an iPhone. I ended up borrowing it from my friend Aaron after my Galaxy Notes battery and screen quality degraded to uselessness. So for about 6 months I was stuck with an iPhone.

And I liked it.

This was a shock to me , I had always thought that I was solidly in the camp of Android Rulez, iOS Droolz but after using it for a few days I realized that iOS 7 was both super fast and very nice to look at. As the time crept upon me for my contract renewal which would grant me a new phone as well I had to make the decision, stay with the iPhone and get the then newly released iPhone 5S or got back to Android and get the Nexus 5.

I fully blame my other good friend Tj for coaxing me into going back to the open side and grabbing a Nexus 5, after watching him play around with his over Hangouts one night.

I returned the iPhone 4S to Aaron when we met up to fly to Boston for PAX East 2014, which was also the first time we had ever met in real life. I almost didn't want to give it back at the time.

So now having used both the iPhone and Android, I am feeling conflicted as to whether I want to get a Nexus 6 or an iPhone 6 at my next contract renewal.

Not really all that bad actually. 2 emulators which Apple rejects right at of the gate, an SSH client though there are probably similar clients on the App Store, an email client which I am more fond of than the default Gmail or updated Inbox app and a task automator which is, again, not something that you really see on iOS.

Another thing to consider is my Pebble Time. I love my watch but the default music app is pretty much complete rubbish for what I use it for. While the job I do is rather boring I do still need to look professional, which means that if I want to change from an audiobook to a podcast on iOS I would have to take my phone out, quit Audible and launch Overcast, then wait for the watch to notice the change or force the change by playing a small section of the podcast. This isn't something that you can easily do on a busy street, especially when you are being watched. I use Music Boss on my Nexus 5 and the Music Boss Pebble app but unfortunatly there is no iOS version. This is probably because there can't be something like it on iOS but other than that, all the things that I use my Pebble for would still work.

My Nexus 5 has been very, very good to me over the past 1.7 years but at the same time I want to have a change of pace as well, which the iPhone would certinly provide. While I do have a few specific apps that I use on Android to do specific tasks most of the apps that I use are cross-platform and so I can easily sign into them and pickup where I left off with the Android versions. Infact I just took a look at my app drawer and all but 5 of the apps that I use are cross-platform (as in they have a counterpart on iOS that is produced by the same company), these being VGBA, Snes9x EX+, JuiceSSH, CloudMagic and Tasker.

On the other hand, I could sync my iPhone to my Macbook and use iTunes to manage my music. Recently I have been buying more of the music I listen to and its a pain to try and get it on to the Nexus 5 since it only offers an MTP connection which you can't use with out using a super slow piece of software. I would also have more space for media as my Nexus 5s meger 16GB internal storage is running out a little too often these days.

Granted, these problems can be solved by getting the Nexus 6 but I guess what it really comes down to is, do I want conviniance or freedom? I'm sure theres a metaphore or analogy or whatever in there somewhere.